AWARDED PROJECT -  Rural Housing
Honorable mentions (from TerraViva Competition)
Team Member: Zirong Song, Sheng Guo, Biaoyun Fu, Yicheng Ren
The challenge of this competition was to define new ways of living in the Italian countryside through the adaptive reuse of a traditional “Cascina”. The main goal was to transform this historical complex into contemporary homes immersed in the landscape. Participants were therefore encouraged to imagine a complete renovation of the disused farmhouse with the ambition of enhancing its most characteristic features.

The Tre-Atriums project envisions the transformation of the historic Cascina into a harmonious community, offering nine housing units of varying sizes. To enrich the communal experience and foster a strong sense of belonging, we propose three interconnected atriums within the original structure. These atriums will not only serve as dynamic public voids for interactions but also establish a vital link connecting the diverse community with the surrounding agricultural field. To ensure the structural integrity and stability of the aged Cascina, new structures are introduced not only to provide support for the new spaces but also to define the character of the living areas, evoking a meaningful dialogue with the history of agricultural life.
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